Dashing Cal

We can do any haircut you want. We will always do what is best and safe for our clients. Yes, sometimes that means a shave down.

Usually, if you make the effort at home and bring “Baily and Buddy” in regularly, we can save their coats and make them look AMAZING!!! We love what we do. Every client( and their human) is family to us. We treat your baby as if they are our own. We will groom dogs and cats and the occasional ferret and rabbit. We are known for working with those pets that no one else can handle.

We are an open area shop, which means while they wait, most of our clients play nice with other pups. We do have pens, mostly for those who’d rather …. Not! It’s also up to the owner.

We have large windows that look into our entire shop. You can see everything all day.

We have also recently incorporated a retail space. Beds, treats, leashes/collars are just a few of the items we stock. Come visit us! We would love to show you around.